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  • Stalingrad



    Stalingrad is a story about the encirclement and destruction of Paulus's 6th Army in the Caucasus in one of the Second World War's greatest actions, with the film focusing on the Germans. Their suffering makes the heart of the viewer go out to the protagonists, a group of soldiers increasingly skeptical of their role in the war and the fighting taking place around them. I would like to especially note the brief but important role of the Russian woman in…

  • The Passion of Joan of Arc

    The Passion of Joan of Arc


    Showing her trial and execution, the Passion of Joan of Arc utilizes close up scenes, confined spaces, and an amazing performance from Jeanne Falconetti to show the confinement and fear of the teen Saint. Her personal convictions and belief lead to her ultimate death, yet she shows no fear in this, instead rejoicing in the connection she shares with God even as all those around her harass her. Falconetti's performance and Dreyer's cinematography make an extremely moving film.

  • Vice



    In some aspects, and especially at certain parts of the film, Vice is very nicely done. However, in many other parts, Vice struggles to be both a biographical film and one that reflects upon Cheney's tenure in office. There is an attempt in the film to be something more than it is, to be a political revelation, but it falls flat on its face in that regard in my opinion. Vice is, in short, something between W. and a Michael…

  • Mirror



    Truly beautiful film, filled with the amazing cinematography Tarkovsky is so known for. Tarkovsky's musings on immortality and life complete the film, and offer food for thought about life, death, and the soul. Tarkovsky's use of water and fire as themes make prevalent appearances in Mirror, and complement his use of time to paint a story.