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  • The Spanish Earth

    The Spanish Earth


    The Spanish Earth is a flawed but fascinating documentary. Depicting the Spanish Civil War in its total immediacy, the film follows, in full support, the movement and mobilization of the Democratically elected Republicans, who were really socialists, against the coup by the military backed Nationalists, who were fascists. Although the film ignores the heroic POUM and glorifies the Stalinists, the film is of great interest due its to real life footage of the war and its importance as a historical…

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Re-watching this only confirmed its strangeness to me. Although its merits essentially have nothing to do with its actual strength as a story (everything is done sloppily and without any real context), Ready Player One is a fascinating film for its aesthetic qualities and its intertextual place in film history. In many ways, this film is the death knell for the New Hollywood generation and sums up the end result of the totality of their work's impact on both the…

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A major disappointment. I was a huge Edgar Wright fan. I loved all his prior work. But I can't abide this film. It feels like Disney tried to make a Michael Mann movie with all the problematic-ness that that entails. It feels like a film made by people who drive on the right side of the road when they play GTA. Everything is so pompous and phony and safe with the story being completely divorced from any kind of reality.…

  • Knight of Cups

    Knight of Cups


    A deep and soulful spiritual experience about the divide between one's soul and the world around them, about having forgotten who you were and not knowing who you are now. A film about the struggle to believe in something grander beyond one's inner world and trying to find a better, more fulfilling life than the one one is stuck in. A film about the struggle to connect one's soul with the others in the world and the difficulty of trying…