Agony ★★½

I would much rather have watched Karl Markovics' "Breathing" again. "Agony" left me empty. Like watching a Gaspar Noé film. Sure it's all zoomy and technically proficient and yes it tells a story but there seems to be no pulse. The same non-feeling I got from Götz Spielmann's "Antares" ... slightly queasy for no particularly good reason. If I had been watching with the director my reaction would have been "And?" I would much rather have watched Michaël R. Roskam's "Bullhead". I have seen both "Breathing" and "Bullhead" several times and they have not lost their luster. I will not be watching "Agony" again. It's too much like sado-masochism ... or voyeurism ... or both. Simply not enough story. Not enough jam in the sandwich. Is "Agony" some sort of Euro poser film? A case could be made. Next.