70mm - August 2021

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Friends, if you aren't caught up yet on the podcast, for the entire month of August we're (trying to) focusing on Summer Blockbusters from the 21st Century. eyes eyes eyes

To kick off the month, Proto chose MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. He had just gotten a fancy 4K TV and has been drooling non-stop to watch this thing. Next up, Danny chose the second movie in the Pirates heptology, DEAD MAN'S CHEST. First one was fun, sure, but what about the second one?? After that slim needed to go back to the theaters from 2002 and revisit M. Night's SIGNS. Does thing thing hold up for new viewers or is the nostalgia fog too thick? The answer may shock you.

From there we did a little pivot job. After a game night in our Discord, we decided to talk SPEED with a dear friend of ours. Alsooooo Proto realized that there were no good comedies made in the summers of the 21st Century and will be covering LIFE OF BRIAN to close out the month.

As always, you can listen along using the links on 70mmpod.com and join the VHS Village Discord over at our Patreon.