70mm - January 2022

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Friends, if you aren't caught up yet on the podcast, for January we're choosing whatever movies we want to cover on the podcast, no theme for this month!

To kick things off for our 100th episode, we covered JURASSIC PARK. Was there ever any doubt? Laura our queen. Next up, Danny chose DEAD POETS SOCIETY... look at baby Ethan Hawke! It was a hard decision but eventually slim chose THE RED SHOES for his pick since he snagged the Criterion 4K disc and booyyyyyyyyyyyy did it look good! Last but not least Proto is bringing back Mr. Kurosawa back to the podcast with the his new steelbook of RAN.

As always, you buy prints of Danny's artwork and listen along using the links on 70mmpod.com. Maybe even join the VHS Village Discord over at our Patreon