Chronicle ★★★½

I haven't been a huge fan of the "found-footage" sub-genre, but Chronicle is probably my favorite entry so far. It's an entertaining superhero-origin movie and it uses the esthetic both as an effective way to build interesting characters, and to give some cool shots and effects of the superheros and their budding powers.

And that's really what Chronicle is: three interesting characters at the center of the story who get these powers, and some inventive use of the powers as the kids begin to strengthen and develop what they can do. There are also some plot elements I didn't realize were in the movie from the early trailers I saw and they were a welcome surprise. The movie does escalate nicely, with evolving character development that seems to mirror the growth in powers of the three leads.

Chronicle was definitely a fun watch, and I would say to check it out even if you're put off by the found-footage aspect. Apparently the screenwriter (Max Landis, son of John) is having a tough time from the studio on a proposed sequel: he wants to continue and evolve the story, where the studio simply wants a rehash of the first one. Too bad: hopefully Landis wins out and we get a great follow-up or possibly even a great trilogy to look forward to.

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