Contact ★★★½

This is one I hadn't seen in ages, and was hoping it would tick up on a rewatch. It is still good- but not better than I remember. Jodie Foster delivers a stellar performance as a dedicated scientist who finds proof of extraterrestial life in the form of a signal directed at Earth. The film is admirably realistic, weaving both the political implications of the discovery and the amount of time it would take for events to unfold. Much like movie courtoom dramas, we've been conditioned that everything wraps up in a couple of days whereas in reality the process would take years.

There's a lot of commentary on science vs religion in the movie, and it just didn't interest me. I'm non religious myself but I don't know if that's enough reason to not be more engaged by the theme. Regardless, I wasn't. Matthew McConaughey's character though was more compelling that I remember him, but my original feeling of the movie ending when it's just getting started carried through on this rewatch.

Contact is a rarity: a big-budget, serious, smart sci-fi film... but it lacks an engaging story and is light on, for lack of a better word, 'entertainment'. My hope is that Christopher Nolan delivers with "Interstellar" what Contact could've been.