Haunters ★★★½

Entertaining Korean thriller. A teen has the ability to completely mind control anyone around him, which we first see him exert as a child when he has his abusive father break his own neck in the middle of the street. One day he freezes everyone in a pawn shop to walk in and take some money, when the movie's protagonist is in the shop: and is the only one who is immune to his mind control powers.

A cat-and-mouse game evolves between the two, with the antagonist controlling anyone around him as mindless drones to attack the hero, while trying to figure out why this one person is immune to his power. There are some interesting set pieces and characters: I especially liked the hero's sidekick friends, one from Ghana and one from Turkey, who are both fluent in Korean.

There are unfortunately a couple of lulls and leaps in logic that keep this from being an even better movie than it is, but I found it to be more entertaining than general reviews I've seen. It's an enjoyable if relatively breezy foreign supernatural thriller.