Jack Reacher ★★★

A bland story hampers the effectiveness of this otherwise solid Tom Cruise thriller. I've never read the books, so didn't have issues with the much-talked-about physical difference between Cruise and the character of Reacher, and Cruise does bring a great mix of intensity, confidence, and likeability to the role.

Really the problem is the story. The first 15 minutes or so are interesting, but once things settle in 'Reacher' devolves into an episode of a standard TV cop procedural. There aren't any memorable action set pieces, no really surprising twists, and no standout actors or characters aside from Cruise. The only other redeeming quality is some of the dialogue by Christopher McQuarrie (writer of "The Usual Suspects"), and of course the higher-than-tv production values.

I was thinking of renting this on Video-On-Demand for $5, but happened to try one of those little video kiosks you always see in a supermarket. It was $2 for the bluray: great deal and so I don't feel bad for picking it up- although if I had paid $5 I may have been left with a more bitter taste in my mouth.