Ms .45 ★★★½

Interesting 80s Death Wish / Taxi Driver / exploitation flick, Ms. 45 automatically gets a half-star bump for absolutely oozing early 80s New York from every frame of the film. From the characters and fashion to the copious scenes shot on the street, the city is a strong character in this revenge thriller. We focus on a mute seamstress named Thana, who has what can only be described as extremely bad luck by being randomly attacked and raped twice in the span of maybe 30 minutes.

Interestingly, unlike most revenge flicks, Ms. 45 goes well over the line where the vigilante hero is perhaps being too harsh on borderline criminals. Here, Thana quickly goes from vigilante to cold-blooded murderer out to simply kill men. It's an interesting angle as the audience is of course strongly sympathetic and in her corner to start, and we cheer as she takes out the first thugs. However, her criteria for eliminating men gets lower and lower and forces us to reevaluate what she's doing.

Ms. 45 has a great period setting and an interesting take on a familiar genre, and despite generally shallow characters is a semi-obscure classic worth a visit.