Resident Evil: Retribution ★★★

In Defense of Resident Evil: Retribution

The Resident Evil films are easy targets to eviscerate, much like the zombies Milla Jovovich rips through like a chainsaw cutting hot butter. I've only seen the first one (great!) more than once, and like the generic sub-titles of the sequels, the subsequent films have blended together. I remember liking some slightly more than others, however wouldn't think to recommend or rewatch any of them. RE:R (is that the same acronym as one of the other flicks? whatever) seems a more streamlined beast, much like the licker zombies (although not like the *spoiler* giant licker zombie in this flick, it's anything but streamlined!)

"Retribution" is absolutely packed with action: there's at least half a dozen set pieces I can recall even 24 hours later (white hallway zombie fight, ice field fight, two giant dudes with axes fight, giant licker fight, etc etc). Some of the effects are pretty decent and others are pretty brutal, while the acting ranges from sub-par (Milla) to atrocious (the blonde chick with the red gem spider on her chest). As far as my fuzzy memory will allow, I recall most of the RE plots being overly convoluted. The bulk of this installment however is fairly straightforward and plays like a video game: get through a bunch of different 'stages' in an underwater research facility (simulated areas of Tokyo, New York, the suburbs) to reach the surface. Nice and simple, just like a giant dude carrying an axe.

If you've given up on the franchise but still like mindless non-stop action with some decent effects, it may be time to give the latest installment another shot. Just like Milla putting a bullet through the head of a particularly troublesome undead foe.