Savages ★★★

Decent Oliver Stone thriller centering on two top-tier pot growers and their shared girlfriend, who become targeted by the Mexican mafia looking to take over their business.

The movie gets off on a bad foot with Blake Lively's brutal narration. The narration reappears now and then throughout the movie, and is completely unnecessary and her delivery just grates on me as does her character. That aside, the first act of Savages plays almost like you're coming into mid-season of a parallel "Breaking Bad," which I love, so I was fully onboard. However, story events take an unwelcome turn and we move away from the overall world of power plays, double-crosses, and operations of the drug world into more generic thriller territory.

While all three leads didn't foster any kind of attachment (Blake Lively as mentioned in particular was just a black void of suck for me), there are some great supporting characters: Salma Hayek, John Travolta, and Benicio Del Toro all shine. The story while passable, unfortunately doesn't have any truly satisfying beats, memorable scenes, or character arcs. It's just there. Lastly, there's an unnecessary 'double ending' that I still don't see the reason for including.

Not bad- worth a watch if you like the cast or the subject matter, but don't run out of your way to see it.