Silk ★★★½

Silk is a movie packed with plot loopholes, uneven characterizations, and is a weird mix of thriller and outright Asian ghost-horror. Which is why it's odd to say that I quite enjoyed it.

A Taiwanese flick, it's fittingly very trans-Asian, with characters speaking Korean, Chinese, or Japanese, and a mix of nationalities involved. The story involves the creation of a "Menger sponge," a magical material that can shrink or expand in size, can capture ghosts, and somehow lead to anti-gravity becoming possible. It's not very clear, and I think you could rewatch the movie 5 more times and still not get it.

Near the start of the movie, we see a group of scientists have captured a child ghost in a run-down apartment building using the Menger sponge. Although the boy is trapped in a room, they are trying to figure out who he is and where he is buried. Again, the reason isn't clear. To assist, they bring in a new face from the special forces who can read lips and has great observational senses, to assist them in their efforts. This becomes the main character, and through the team explaining things to him, we as the audience somewhat get brought up to speed. Everything is played straight like a J-horror movie however, and with none of the screwball gags that Asian movies of this kind tend to include, which was nice.

Overall though what makes Silk enjoyable is this main character who is a bad ass but relateable, combined with the weird mix of the CSI ghost-investigation and the effective J-horroresque ghost scares. Silk certainly isn't a movie I would recommend to someone who isn't already a fan of genre Asian flicks, but if you are, then it's worth seeking out.