Splinter ★★★½

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Definitely better than I was expecting, Splinter centers on a group of people at a rural gas station fighting a parasite which turns its victims into quasi-zombies. There are essentially three main characters holed up, and they are generally believeble with decent mini-arcs to all three. Although in the first 10 minutes or so I was ok to see any of them die, the movie does a good job to get you invested in all of them by about the 30 minute mark.

The creature they are up against is basically a fungus which takes over its host and causes long splinters to extrude; the design is solid and the implementation reminded me of both The Thing and Alien (the facehuggers).

While Splinter is a low budget creature horror it doesn't necessarily feel like one. There's a small cast and the action takes place in a single location, but everything else is decent-grade Hollywood-level values. The effects are surprisingly great, the cinematography is solid and the actors are good. Everything right down to the end credits feel like they came from a more major release.

I definitely had fun watching the movie, and both the genre and the runtime (about 80 mins excluding end credits) were right up my alley. Worth checking out.