Star Wars: The Force Awakens ★★★★½

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Well I've seen TFA four times now so time to get a few thoughts down more for myself than anything as there have been plenty of great reviews already. This is a true return-to-form for Star Wars, with the standout being a trio of new, extremely likeable, lead characters.

The concept of a "stormtrooper who doesn't want to be a stormtrooper" was awesome for Finn. He is the hardest to pinhole as a replacement for an OT character and is really just a great fresh addition. Rey is an excellent proxy for Luke and the "boy and his dog" relationship she has with BB-8 adds a great layer of warmth and heart. And I'm looking forward to way more screentime for Poe, as he is the most "Han Solo-y" of the bunch and his instant bromance with Finn brings a smile to my face everytime. Not to mention a great villain and a gut-wrenching family confrontation as is the OT's hallmark.

My biggest knock? Like many have complained, TFA is perhaps too close to A New Hope, particularly the third act and Starkiller base. *Spoilers* I honestly thought things might go the other way on the bridge with Han, but that the base would not be destroyed given we've seen that end in two of the movies already. *End Spoilers*

Still, we get an enormously entertaining movie that now opens the canvas wide up with fantastic characters and the need to bring Star Wars 'back' taken care of. I can't wait to catch up with the gang in Episode 8, and the pure success of this movie has shot Rogue One up to the top of my most anticipated for 2016.