Trance ★★★

Overly-convoluted thriller that relies on amnesia, hypnotism, double-crosses, triple-crosses, and flashbacks to tell its story, Trance would have been better served by paring back some of its plot kinks. It features the absolutely delicious visual flair and kinetic energy that Danny Boyle brings to most of his work, which adds a welcome layer to his more straightforward yarns. While its still good to see here, that flair doesn't deliver the same impact since there's so much else going on. The flick does feature a solid turn by lead James McAvoy, however Vincent Cassel feels miscast as the foil.

Ultimately Trance feels like a 90s erotic thriller ala "Shattered" (with Tom Berenger) or "Sliver" (with Sharon Stone) - all plot and no substance, and unfortunately doesn't rise to the trashy heights of "Basic Instinct". What those thrillers do lack though is the direction of Boyle, but the trade-off is they are all more satisfying if what you're looking for is plot-centric suspense with a tinge of erotica.