8 b i t m u r d e r b o t ∆ ∆

8 b i t m u r d e r b o t ∆ ∆


Favorite films

  • Phantasm II
  • Pet Sematary
  • Angel
  • The Exorcist III

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  • Martin


  • Halloween


  • Unhinged


  • Night of the Living Dead


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  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters

    - The harbor patrol comes to investigate The Morning Lady II. As soon as we go below deck we get that pulsing synth and we know Fulci's not fucking around. We meet our first zombie and he's an undead salad dodger hungry for cops!

    This is the one film that always recalibrates the zombie fan in me. Not because it's my favorite. But because it fueled the fire to an uncontrollable level as a youth. And stood as a beacon…

  • Häxan


    A lengthy and indulgent, cultural and historical presentation in moving pictures in seven parts. Mysticism, evil spirits and witchcraft. The result of naivety and hysteria. Life out of balance and an organized religion gone mad.

    Breathtaking imagery that must be seen to be believed. The 2K scan on the Criterion Blu ray is tear inducing. I bend the knee to Benjamin Christensen and Johan Ankerstjerne for figuring out a way to make this look like a work of timeless art.…

Recent reviews

  • Martin



    70's Guerrilla filmmaking with the heart of Pennsylvania. It's hard not to Romero fanboy out on Martin.

    A mixed up kid, lost in the shuffle. Mental illness and gothic dreams. It's all jazz class from George. It's just too damn weird and cool.

    "Things only seem to be magic. There is no real magic. There's no real magic, ever."

    I'm not going to go too heavy on this. I'll just say that there is something genuine about Martin. It…

  • Halloween


    "Hey, jerk! Speed kills!!"

    I could write some babysitter murder poetry or a love letter to ol' John T. Chance. But tonight I'm entitled to one good scare, and I'm just going to enjoy this.

    I like regular cinema geeks too. But the amoebas I'm floating towards are spooky kids. We are the weirdos. Not just for Halloween. Every single person I've met on here, interacted with, and befriended is a strange and unique individual.

    We need to keep it…

Popular reviews

  • The Fly

    The Fly

    Amber and I were fresh from the hospital after an oophorectomy (July 19). At this late stage in the cancer treatment journey it felt as though we were becoming, at once, indoctrinated into a new way of living, while increasingly mourning the loss of a life once lived or one that might have been.

    She had been fasting and was in need of sustenance. We stopped into Firehouse Subs. The kid at the register asked me my favorite horror movie.…

  • Malignant


    ⅃ ⅃ Ǝ H OT Ǝ M O Ɔ ⅃ Ǝ W

    "He's broadcasting his thoughts!"

    As soon as the opening credits started to slice in and the music began I got a wonderful feeling. I legitimately had no idea what was coming. I just knew audiences were divided. My only nitpick is the events intended to appeal to my emotions did not. I just wasn't in a caring mood. But I don't think Wan cared if I cared either.…