HyperNormalisation ★★★½

I first saw this in October 2016, before that election, and it terrified me. It's a lot to take in so I wanted to watch it again. But I didn't think I could handle it in the four years that followed. Now, with those four years behind me, and a new Curtis epic coming out in a couple of weeks, I finally decided to give HyperNormalisation another go. Verdict: still terrifying. Maybe even more so. In retrospect, it seems to have known what was in store. If a film could wink, this one would be doing it.

That said, it's not Curtis's strongest. Century Of Self, Bitter Lake (if only for that Kanye-soundtracked dance sequence), and the first installment of All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace are his best, IMO. But if you'd like to watch something entertaining, steeped in infectious paranoia, and with a killer soundtrack, hoping that it will help you figure out what's happening in the world only to leave you twice as uncertain, then look no further.