Cherry ★★★

no more russo brother films! we have progressed past the need for russo brothers films!

i really really really wanted to like this film but the whole pacing and structure of the film really threw me off. it’s nice that the film was in medias res, and i genuinely thought this movie had such an interesting concept but was executed so poorly. the whole army arc was fucking ridiculous. and it was so long?? i know it’s suppose to give context to his addiction and how it started but like why was it over 40 minutes of the run time??? i really enjoyed the robbery arc and drug addiction scenes. ciara bravo killed it in this role and might have even outshined tom??? their dynamic was amazing and she was a great edition to the cast. the last hour really picked up and saved whatever uncut mess the beginning was and i also loved how everything was shot (except for the aspect ratio change in surprise surprise the army arc!!). i hope tom in the future gets to pay roles that are in genuinely compelling films because his record so far is just not cutting it. his talent as well as ciara’s are truly what saved this film. surprisingly though, i did enjoy it!

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