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  • Come Play

    Come Play


    Wastes a good premise just to show off bunch of studio notes that get more intrusive every five minutes. Starts with playing the PG-13 horror cards right but dissolves as it has nothing to say or show to you.

    Smileys: Premise, Azhy Robertson

    Frowneys: Screenplay, originality, character design

    Foul play with the way this fumbles the bag.

    read: www.aftermisery.com/post/come-play-review

  • Kajillionaire



    Constantly moving and changing, to a point where you don't mind if not all potential ends up on pages. Strong filmmaker's choices, some of them work great and some get lost as the story needs to progress.

    Smileys: Originality, tone

    Frowneys: Ending

    Everything to do with those bubbles is just pure nightmare fuel for some reason.

    full review: www.aftermisery.com/post/kajillionaire-review

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  • Antebellum



    Antebellum might very well be the most perplexing piece of work to come out in last few years as how a viewer would approach discussing it in any way. Janelle Monรกe stars as both Eden and Veronica and; Eden is a slave at a 19th century plantation looking for a chance to escape while Veronica is an author and a speaker on black peopleโ€™s issues in modern time, the movie structuring itself changing between these two timelines. We might asโ€ฆ

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    Unable to push the absurd premise beyond that as much of it reminds you of one of those more mediocre titles at student film festivals, except this time itโ€™s filled with a lot of meaningless American, Hollywood mumbo jumbo.

    Smileys: Editing and Zendaya are mostly great

    Frowneys: Screenplay, dialogue, runtime, cinematography

    That budget has to be fake right?

    full review: www.aftermisery.com/post/malcolm-and-marie-review