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  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    The world won't treat you as a respectable adult until you've let go of wanting to be happy and content on your own terms. Quietly devastating, but somehow, amid the thematic bleakness, also achingly beautiful, movingly empathetic, and profoundly human.

  • Canned Feud

    Canned Feud


    Can't go wrong with Sylvester having a piano fall on his head. Essential comedy.

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  • Josep



    ZFF 2020 #31

    "We can't all have been Spanish republicans."

    This one really floored me. Beautiful, heartbreaking, harrowing, and endlessly imaginative in its portrayal of coping with trauma through art – and in its unearthing of a forgotten historical injustice that could not be more relevant today. Aurel's careful unpacking of the work needed to truly defeat fascism – and how political relativism and apathy open the door to autocracy and genocide – makes for some of the most potent antifascist cinema I've seen recently.

    No pasarán.

  • Nemesis



    This definitely did more for me than Day Is Done, Imbach's other filmed-out-the-window movie, mostly thanks to the more playful cinematography, the more convincing overall concept, and the refreshing lack of a tongue-in-cheek narrative. But it also feels like Imbach is trying to take his stationary spin on the city symphony further than it can ever go. 111 (Day Is Done) and 131 minutes (Nemesis) eventually water down all the good stuff that is there. Pretty sure there's a 60-minute masterpiece in this approach. Third time's the charm maybe?