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  • Big Money Hustlas

    Big Money Hustlas


    Well, movies, we had a good run. And I really thought we were going to make this last for the long haul, I really did. We've shared a lot of great memories (remember that one time, you know, with all the cars, and the one car goes from one skyscraper into the other skyscraper? That was a good one). But for all the excitement, the vulnerability, the intimacy, the passion, we both knew something was going to get in the…

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  • Moonfall


    OK. I'm no shill. But...

    Why does nobody talk about Redbox?

    Moonfall, and other films like it released in the past 6 months, are, on average, retailing for $5.99 on a la carte VOD services. Tonight, I wanted nothing more than to settle into some Roland Emmerich shenanigans, and Redbox offered me the same rental for $2.99. When I selected Moonfall, they offered me $0.80 off a second rental or purchase. And I was like, yes, you're correct Redbox, I…

  • Eaten Alive!

    Eaten Alive!

    2022 Cult Movie Challenge #21

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  • Antebellum



    Hooptober 7.0 - #8

    Let's call this a 1.75/5, and then let's just call the whole thing off.

    This film's premise/twist/hook/what-have-you is fine, and I could see it working with different execution. And there is clearly passion from the creative voices beyond this to say something politically resonant. It just does not come together, not hardly at all.

    The film opens with a reasonably elegant long take, a reasonably elegant string score slowly building as the geography of the plantation…

  • Black Easter

    Black Easter

    My Ad Campaign Spec for Black Easter:
    (please hire me Shoreline Entertainment! I've seen all of your acclaimed films. Mummy Dearest. Netherbeast Incorporated. Strictly Sexual. Orgies and the Meaning of Life. Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School.)*

    Did you watch Primer and think, "hmm, this could use a lot more vaguely Islamophobic Christian propaganda?" Then Black Easter is for you!

    Did you watch Back to the Future and say, "this is popular and classic and all, but rock and…