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  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    2018 Ranked

    Better than I expected (admittedly, the bar was set rather low). Some bad writing, some bad acting, but overall good management of tension despite being entirely predictable.

  • A Gentle Creature

    A Gentle Creature


    2017 Ranked

    In hearing this film being described as a ‘journey into the underworld’ and being ‘Kafkaesque’, I expected elements of fantasy and perhaps a visually dark color palette. What I got was a brash, dirty (albeit well lit), and scathing portrayal of Russia, its institutions, and its people. So: sort of what I expected?

    Sergei Loznitsa does not bother with pleasantries. Death, drugs, and sex are frequent topics of conversation that our nameless protagonist overhears as she travels to…

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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    2018 Ranked

    Fourth time is the charm.

    Hollywood may be able to finally attain closure with A Star Is Born in Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's rendition of the classic story. Bradley stuns in how authentically he performs his role as a depressed, jealous, and distant musician while Gaga finds another hat to don in this film in addition to her prowess as a pop star: actress.

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    2017 Ranked

    Robert Pattinson is unrecognizable as Constantine “Connie” Nikas, a low-life New Yorker who enlists the help of his brother, Nick (Ben Safdie), to commit a bank robbery. The robbery goes wrong and Nick is placed in a Rikers Island holding cell. To make matters worse, Nick is mentally handicapped; his life is in active danger from the other inmates. Good Time chronicles the fever dream of the rescue Connie attempts.

    Connie is a rebel. Or, a sociopath. He’s…