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  • Relic



    A subtle horror drama that tries to ride on the Herediatary wave but really does not come close to its perfectionism.
    It has interesting characters and some good performances, especially noteworthy is Robyn Nevin who really steals every scene she has in and has a great character she even pulls to perfection. Emiliy Mortimer is good as well. Bella Heathcote is okay but she feels a bit miscast.
    The film slowly builts up its mystery and is thrilling up to…

  • Greyhound



    It was a decent battleship movie. I had some issues with the lack of character development and story development. It often felt like a very well photographed documentation. The primary part of the dialogues were commands and directions shouted by Tom Hanks' character.
    I honestly respect this as a passion project of the 2 time Academy Award winning actor as he also wrote the screenplay for it.
    The most outstanding aspects of the film were the visuals. Especially the cinematography…

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  • Adam



    A beautiful drama that really asks a lot of moral questions and delivers the best possible answers for them.
    Its about a nearly deaf boy who lives with his mother in a small Berlin apartment. His mother is an ex drug and alcohol addict who got a irreversible brain damage injury due to her alcohol abuse. From now on Adam is even more alone than he was before, and tries to fulfill his mother's last wish: if she ever happens…

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


    I don't like it better or worse than Part IV but just like "On Stranger Tides" it is not on par with the original three movies ( and yes I loved the first and really liked the second and third) but it did have its moments and it did have some cool ideas and scenes. I particularly liked the ending which had some nostalgic and emotional vibes. But yes the franchise is more or less over, and I say that…