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  • The Big Lebowski
  • In Bruges
  • Heathers
  • The Breakfast Club

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  • On the 12th Date of Christmas


  • Well Suited For Christmas

  • Open by Christmas

  • Three Wise Men and a Baby


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  • On the 12th Date of Christmas

    On the 12th Date of Christmas


    Look, I'm not saying that low budget Karl Urban has been typecast but this is the second Christmas movie I've watched this week where he plays a game developer.

    Also, is she developing a game or curing cancer because she treats the impact to society as equal.

  • Well Suited For Christmas

    Well Suited For Christmas

    The way she acted like a light blue suit was the most innovative thing since sliced bread.

    For the first half of this movie the personalities of these characters are literally one likes colour and the other doesn't.

Popular reviews

  • Dirt Music

    Dirt Music


    I’m just thankful for a story that lends itself to Garrett Hedlund being shirtless for a good portion of the movie.

  • Coyote Creek Christmas

    Coyote Creek Christmas


    “Hey woman who runs this legitimate bakery business, can me and this child help fulfill cookie orders.  A skill that’s probably taken you years to craft?  We can? Oh that’s great.”