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  • 365 Days

    365 Days


    "Plot? Where we're going, we don't need a plot."

    I have so many questions, most importantly, who is this movie for -- like what is the key demographic?

    Clearly it's geared towards women, or at least the stereotype of a woman, as 90% of the film is sex, shopping and the female lead being the object of desire of a rich, good looking, powerful man. But it lacks maturity, dialogue straight out of a terribly written fanfic, that I can't…

  • Capone



    I could watch Tom Hardy shit his way out of a paper bag and still be entertained. This man oozes charisma...and shit, have we talked about the shit?

    This may be Tom Hardy's gruntiest performance yet.

    I don't honestly know what to make of what I just watched and maybe I'll come back to this review once I wrap my head around it.

    There are components in here to enjoy -- it's beautifully shot, Hardy gives a hell of…

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  • Dirt Music

    Dirt Music


    I’m just thankfuk for a story that lends itself to Garrett Hedlund being shirtless for a good portion of the movie.

  • High Life

    High Life


    Captivating as all hell with so many stunning visuals (can we talk about that title sequence?). I wanted to look away but couldn’t – I wanted it to be over but I wanted to know what happened next.

    I saw a film years ago, called Tyrannosaur (which I recommend, although good luck looking at Eddie Marsan the same way ever again) and the director introduced the film by stating that it had been described to him as “not something you…