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  • Withnail & I
  • Clueless
  • The Lives of Others
  • The Kings of Summer

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  • Miller's Crossing

  • Road to Perdition

  • A League of Their Own

  • The Gunfighter

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  • Triumph Over Violence

    Triumph Over Violence

    AKA Ordinary Fascism.

    Seeing this so soon after Sergei Loznitsa's STATE FUNERAL was a thought-provoking experience, as it handles similar subject matter in a such a different way. Unlike Loznitsa's film, it's didactic, which with a different narrator could have been extremely irritating, but Mikhail Romm has an avuncular charm that really shouldn't work with the material, and yet somehow does. The frequent changes in tone are often jarring, but in a way that feels intentional.

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    Excruciating, but in a good way(?).

    A fabulously-acted farce. My one quibble is that two of the disastrous incidents that occur were a bit too similar, but aside from that, it all works very well.

    If you cringe comedy is your thing, you'll want to check this out.

Popular reviews

  • Withnail & I

    Withnail & I


    This review was originally published in the Milton Keynes Pulse magazine in connection with the 30th anniversary of the film's UK release. Here it is on their website: mkpulse.co.uk/withnail-i/. I've also discussed it over on the Flixwise: Canada podcast, with Martin Kessler.

    A cold, damp, squalid flat. An even more dank and miserable cottage on a storm-soaked hillside. A cast of wretched characters who appear to be competing to see who can be the most unpleasant. And—according to Bruce Robinson,…

  • The Humorist

    The Humorist

    Possibly not the most accessible film to audiences outside the former USSR as it assumes the viewer has a fair amount of knowledge about the historical/societal context, i.e. the period immediately before Perestroika. As someone who didn't grow up there and has only an intermediate level of Russian, I'm sure a lot of stuff went over my head, but I understood enough to enjoy it.

    I found it to be a deeply uncomfortable but thoroughly engrossing period piece.