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  • A Taxi Driver

    A Taxi Driver


    I'm overwhelmed. After finishing the movie, I had to stand up and walk around in my room. I had to collect my thoughts, my emotions and understand what I have watched. I couldn't just stand still after witnessing a movie like this. Looking at the poster of the movie and the title, I didn't expect to see a movie about the history of South Korea. I personally do know a few things about the South Korean history, and the Gwangju…

  • Mother



    Something I'll never miss in Korean movies (except Korean movies who try too hard to be Hollywood) is how raw it feels. There are not many cuts in the movie, every scene is very long and the actions these characters take are so unusual in other movies. Be it little things like someone scratching their back or certain reactions. They feel so weird because we are not used to see scenes like this in movies. Movies are usually trying to…

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  • Always



    I feel like I'm liking this more than I should. Nothing really stands out in this movie (except the beauty of Han Hyo-Joo) but something about this movie made me feel connected to it. It had more drama than it should, but it managed to pull my heartstring and feel for the characters. The whole movie was an emotional rollercoaster ride and I'm a sucker for romance and drama. 

    Definitely not the greatest movie ever, but a movie which had me on the edge of my seat for the whole movie. And I think that's something positive.

  • mother!



    What the fuck