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  • Ladies First

    Ladies First


    As much as I hated the dubbing, this short documentary had me cheering on Deepika Kumari, a woman from India who came from poverty but grew to become the Number One archer in the World. I hope she makes it to the 2020 Olympics and has another shot st the gold.

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    9. March Around the World 2018:
    Country: Japan

    I’m. So. Confused. 

    Um..., evil murdering wind, graphic violence, alternate realities (I think), unnecessary panty shots, feathers, gun toting teachers, more graphic violence, body swapping, meta-something-or-other, the Future (I guess), weird gamer dudes, and I just don’t even know.

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  • Jennifer's Body

    Jennifer's Body


    Jennifer’s Body had the chance to be a fun horror movie that said interesting things about teenage girls and their relationships to each other and their bodies, but it didn’t quite get there. Instead it falls back on clichés and stereotypes — the cheerleader, who is insecure, hot, and backstabbing, and the geeky, needy friend (who is actually named Needy, which annoys me to no end).

    There were moments in this that were kind of cool.
    • The scene when…

  • Bride & Prejudice

    Bride & Prejudice


    Bride & Prejudice was a lot more fun than I expect it to be. As an adaptation of one of my favorite novels, the culture clash works fairly well (though it does make Darcy seem racist at first). The colors and costumes are wonderful and the music is light-hearted. The ending felt rushed and I'm not sure I full bought into the romance between Lalita and Darcy, but that didn't really keep me from enjoying this. Plus, I kind of have…