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  • King of Robbery

    King of Robbery


    One of the more charming aspects of Hong Kong's film heyday was the willingness of studios to ruthlessly exploit then-current news stories. King of Robbery is a perfect example - its release was even delayed by a court order, so that the trial of its subject, notorious armed robber Yip Kai-foon, was not prejudiced.

    Simon Yam plays a barely-disguised version of Yip, and the story begins with his escape from his prison guards at Queen Mary Hospital in 1989. From…

  • The Mummy

    The Mummy


    Stephen Sommers' The Mummy has all the ingredients of an exciting pulp adventure: an exotic 1920s setting, a two-fisted hero, and supernatural goings-on. One of its key strengths is that it balances its various tones effectively as it cycles from humour, to action, to light horror.

    What it could really use is a much more interesting script, and better pacing: as it is, the film sags badly just as the heroes reach the fabled city of the dead, which is…

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  • The Living Daylights

    The Living Daylights


    Timothy Dalton's superb first 007 entry reinvigorated the series, which had been in a dreadful state creatively for over a decade.

    Dalton's harder-edged approach, and that of The Living Daylights itself, was ideally suited to 1987 and provides a perfect antidote to the buffoonish Moore outings which preceded it. The new star's performance is perfect - still the best in the series - and is matched by the supporting cast, top-notch action, fantastic visual effects, and John Barry's last wonderful…

  • Jaws



    So much of Jaws works wonderfully that its drawn-out conclusion is a real shame. The island community of Amity and its social structures are sketched out with great economy, casting Roy Scheider's police chief as the well-meaning but somewhat ineffective counterweight to the other lazy or blinkered figures of authority. Spielberg is adept at generating a sense of unease, such as when Scheider is deluged by unsettling stimuli as he watches swimmers who are unaware of the danger.

    When the…