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  • Unlocked



    Yet another London-based spy thriller. Average and routine it may be, but Unlocked still sometimes displays Michael Apted's skill as a director and delivers more than a few surprises. The competent action sequences are the counterbalance to what can feel like a TV movie.

  • Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man


    Post-Miami Vice Don Johnson and pre-boxing Mickey Rourke headline this flat and ineffective but pleasingly odd buddy exercise. For some inscrutable reason this is set in a vaguely dystopian 1996, but has a lot of weird retro-macho elements that bring to mind Streets of Fire. There's precious little excitement to speak of, but Johnson and Rourke are a watchable pair.

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  • The Living Daylights

    The Living Daylights


    Timothy Dalton's superb first 007 entry reinvigorated the series, which had been in a dreadful state creatively for over a decade.

    Dalton's harder-edged approach, and that of The Living Daylights itself, was ideally suited to 1987 and provides a perfect antidote to the buffoonish Moore outings which preceded it. The new star's performance is perfect - still the best in the series - and is matched by the supporting cast, top-notch action, fantastic visual effects, and John Barry's last wonderful…

  • The Veteran

    The Veteran


    The very talented Toby Kebbell stars in little-seen British thriller The Veteran. He plays Robert Miller, an ex-soldier who returns home from Afghanistan seething with rage and without a purpose in his life. Before too long, he's caught between the gang that rules his London estate and a suspected terror cell he is hired to observe.

    Shorn of some of its language and violence, it'd be easy to imagine The Veteran being shown over two nights on BBC1 - and…