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  • Headhunters



    A very novel Norwegian crime thriller, Headhunters deftly tells the complex stoy of a hotshot suit who moonlights as an expert art thief. As his life disintegrates, so too does your certainty about the kind of film this is: what begins as a fairly routine exercise soon becomes a wild ride of clashing tones and chaotic events.

    Morten Tyldum does a fine job of maintaining interest in this violent and twisty tale, and while the story strains credibility it provides…

  • The Last of the Mohicans

    The Last of the Mohicans


    On certain days, The Last of the Mohicans could even eclipse Heat as my favourite Michael Mann film. This adaptation of the 19th century novel (which apparently owes at least as much to the 1936 film version) is a beautifully-made historic epic. One of its advantages is that, despite its scale it isn't overlong - unlike several of Mann's films.

    The film is a technical wonder, which creates with landscape, costumes and effects a vision of 18th century colonial America…

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  • The Veteran

    The Veteran


    The very talented Toby Kebbell stars in little-seen British thriller The Veteran. He plays Robert Miller, an ex-soldier who returns home from Afghanistan seething with rage and without a purpose in his life. Before too long, he's caught between the gang that rules his London estate and a suspected terror cell he is hired to observe.

    Shorn of some of its language and violence, it'd be easy to imagine The Veteran being shown over two nights on BBC1 - and…

  • The Living Daylights

    The Living Daylights


    Timothy Dalton's superb first 007 entry reinvigorated the series, which had been in a dreadful state creatively for over a decade.

    Dalton's harder-edged approach, and that of The Living Daylights itself, was ideally suited to 1987 and provides a perfect antidote to the buffoonish Moore outings which preceded it. The new star's performance is perfect - still the best in the series - and is matched by the supporting cast, top-notch action, fantastic visual effects, and John Barry's last wonderful…