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  • Spies in Disguise

    Spies in Disguise


    Well folks it is January and you know that usually means it is time to dump the bad movies from the studio out. Well do not tell Blue Sky Studios that because they are coming out hot with their new Animated action movie Spies in Disguise. Blue Sky of course has made noise in the past with their Ice Age and Rio Franchises but they have quietly built up a nice little resume for themselves.

    Spies in Disguise is another…

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    Little Women is a story that pretty much everyone has heard of one way or another. Be it reading the book in high school, or seeing one of the numerous adaptations on stage, screen, or TV this is a story that has been in the American consciousness since 1868. Written by Louisa May Alcott it tell the story of 4 sisters in two different points in their lives. You have Jo the staunch independent woman, Beth the devastating story, Meg…

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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Listen to this premise, Adam Sandler playing a New York Jeweler named Howard Ratner who is a compulsive gambler, and has run ins with Kevin Garnett and The Weekend. Sounds like a typical Sandler comedy far huh? Well when the Safdie Brothers (Good Time) are involved, it is nothing like you have come to expect for Sandler. Uncut Gems is a non stop, in your face romp that showcases the Safdie’s skill with urban tension and Sandler’s ability as a…

  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters


    They Knew about it and they did nothing! I was giddy when I heard Mark Ruffalo’s Rob Bilott utter this sentence because it opened up the They Knew Cinematic Universe!

    I kid I kid, but let me tell you Juicers I was excited to see the new movie Dark Waters, not only because of the great cast, but since it is filmed in the GREAT CITY OF CINCINNATI, OHIO.

    Ok we got all that out of the way? Good.