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  • Logan



    brief thoughts

    DAMN that movie was awesome. X2 and Days of Future Past have some stiff competition for my favorite X-Men film.

    I haven’t balled my eyes out at a film in a long fucking time. Tears, sure, but I’m pretty sure I was balling.

    The cast was great and Jackman as always is fantastic. Definitely don’t go into this film expecting the bright happy X-Men with a world ending event they have to stop. This is very much the…

  • Hard Candy

    Hard Candy


    I'm still processing this one, but wow. I have a hard time imagining anyone else in either role. Page was amazing and basically sold the whole show.

    May update this later with something more substantial

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  • Alien



    When I think of a classic sci-fi horror film, two of them come to mind almost instantly, The Thing from John Carpenter, and this film. Giger's classic alien design, the ship that looks a bit aged but still very functional and used and abused, a great cast that bring a wide variety of characters to life and lots of suspense and build up. This is how you do it and this is always going to be one of my favorites.

  • Neverlake



    via Netflix

    Saw this had popped up in the last few days and I do like a good supernatural flick so I figured why not. This actually combines a lot of different elements to it, some more successfully than others and there is a slow burn as pieces fall into place, but once they do it picks up the pace and doesn't slow down. While a few plot points don't gel well together, this is extremely well acted and has…