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  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    This had an interesting premise, but it has such average/mediocre dialogue, character arcs, score/music, and storytelling as a whole. It's better than its straight to streamer status, but it's not a theatrical experience worthy film either, so its probably where it belongs on Netflix. Final Grade: C+

  • Greyhound



    This film reminds me a lot of DUNKIRK in that your interest in seeing War play out in a Documentary-type fashion is going to affect how much of this film you can appreciate. I completely get why a lot of general audience goers see a plotting, slow-paced film without much story. However as a history buff I find a lot to like in this. That said unlike DUNKIRK the few character arcs we get are thrown to the side and…

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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    I'm so happy I didn't see the trailer to this movie or else the first 15 minutes would have not had the punch that it did. It ended up being something completely different than what I assumed it was going into it. This is GROUNDHOG DAY but if it were given higher IQ points. It is the smartest film I've seen this year even while being a romantic comedy. The only beef I have that keeps this from a perfect…

  • Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island


    I have to break with majorities on this, I was really digging this fun fantasy "theme park gone wrong" film disguised as a horror flick - but then the third act started to lose me. Alright for a date movie night rental in my opinion though. Final Grade: C+