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  • Seven Pounds

    Seven Pounds


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    God and people think Suicide Squid is an awful movie, and yes it's not that good but it is also not this. This has to be one of the most miserable movie experiences I have ever had in my life, not cause I got distracted, no no, it's
    because this movie just beats you down with emotional manipulation near constantly for two straight hours. Will Smith plays Tim Thomas, a man who wants to kill himself for causing a car…

  • Until the Light Takes Us

    Until the Light Takes Us


    I admit, i listen to black metal. In my defense i do not support the views and beliefs of the genre's more questionable members, in this case i separate the art from the artist. That said while i realize you can't make a black metal documentary without Varg, i still felt really uncomfortable watching him, for obvious reasons.

    Another thing, for a black metal documentary it's really light in discussing the genre's music, instead they prefer to talk about the…

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    This movie barely, if ever, had a pulse at all. It's dead on arrival. Sorry fanboys. I'm also sorry i can't say much more about it but it really was just that horribly dull to me, i didn't care for anyone or anything. For a Batman and Superman movie i shouldn't be saying this but here i am.

  • Gamer



    Did i mention that our media (games in this case) get scapegoated? Cause they do, and this movie really isn't helping to diminish the thought that playing violent video games is a horrible thing.

    Yet another media "satire" that completely fails and is hypocritical. Instead of actually satirizing, the writers opted to show off disgusting seizure inducing shock visuals and introduce poor unsympathetic characters. Acting like a 12 year old who'd play the sort of violent games this movie is…