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  • Fear, Inc.

    Fear, Inc.


    It's The Game, just with one of the least likeable protagonists in cinematic history.

    Writing was good, really kept you wondering at every step of the way. I enjoyed the banter between the friends, but I did start to feel crushed under the weight of all the horror movie references they felt compelled to make.

    Decent special effects and gore.

    Normally wouldn't rate this movie so high, but it does stand out as something that isn't done to hell and…

  • Shall We Play?

    Shall We Play?


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Everything about this movie felt off. The acting was *weird* - not good nor bad, just ... overdone at times and underdone at others. The main actress attempted many different emotions but wound up just relying on a strange smile to portray all of them, so that got confusing.

    Similarly, the dialogue felt lazily thrown together - there are scenes with very natural and normal sounding speech, but far more scenes with just awkward, brief, functional yet thoughtless interactions to…

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  • 2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus

    2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus

    This was the weirdest superhero movie I've ever seen. One guy's superpower was being able to not sleep when he slept. Agreeable Amy had the remarkable ability to maintain a conversation, often by just repeating what everyone else was saying and pharaphrasing it. That seems like a really valuable skill to survive in an underground Christian community. I almost cried at the part where she talked about her brother being forced out of graduate school for Economics, it was so…

  • Trancers



    The main guy's name is Jack Deth, and they riff on this several times throughout the movie. Gotta give it some free stars for that alone.

    Loved this fun sci-fi/partial horror romp. All the actors were great, Helen Hunt is 10/10, the action was well-placed. Story was a little skimpy - had enough to get you engaged and understand what was happening, but they didn't really do much to develop the world besides show that a great earthquake finally hit…