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  • The Funhouse Massacre

    The Funhouse Massacre

    Leave your brain at the door before one of an array of serial killers rip it out in this gore soaked but tongue firmly in cheek horror romp. Some inventive deaths on display here with a cameo from genre legend Robert Englund make this an entertaining slasher flick.

  • White Girl

    White Girl

    Sex, Drugs and EDM. White Girl is saved from complete mediocrity by an excellent performance by Brian Marc as Blue, the tale of a girl trying to save her boyfriend from an inevitable slide into incarceration on the streets of New York has memorable moments, not least with the industrial amount of drugs ingested by the lead character. Unfortunately, in trying to keep to a tight, 90 minute runtime, the last 10 minutes feels forced in cramming in a twist and a wrap up so quickly that you can't help but feel short changed.

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  • I'll Never Forget My High School Friends

    I'll Never Forget My High School Friends

    Charming and surprisingly affecting, this is a relatable movie for those of us who can still remember what an upturn to life it is leaving behind those hometown friends. Good performances make this a really impressive debut feature length feature from Rizvi and Ashurov.

  • The Plagues of Breslau

    The Plagues of Breslau

    A Polish take on Se7en, this serial killer thriller is a ton of fun and there is plenty of gore in there for good measure, it boldly plays its twist at the halfway mark and is no less fun for that decision. Leave your brain at the door and you'll have a good time. Come for the action, stay for the haircuts.