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  • Do Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb


    Very simple comedy, completely tailored to its star Doris Day.

  • Haute Cuisine

    Haute Cuisine


    FIlm without real action. Simply the work of a cook for the french president. No more, no less. Quietly told.

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  • Blue Eyed

    Blue Eyed


    Shows how and why racism works and what devastating effects it has.

    Should be seen by everyone. Should be shown in schools or the experiment itself should be performed in schools and workplaces. All respect to Jane Elliott.

  • The Intruder

    The Intruder


    Disturbingly topical. The racist slogans are the same at all times. It is frightening that there are still people who use or even believe in them. The film also shows how easily the masses can be heated up and how they enjoy power over a minority. Disgusting.
    Interesting to watch William Shatner in a totally different role. He is really convincing in it.