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  • Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press

    Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press


    We are at a very precarious moment in time with journalism in America. Somehow, our elected president has found a way to make the most vulnerable people in our country -- his supporters, many of whom are mentally unfit -- to call legitimate journalistic outlets "Fake News." Republicans are savants at getting their base to act against their own interests.

    What is chilling about this documentary is the nexus of two events: 1) the way that billionaires of the digital…

  • Silence



    Martin Scorsese's SILENCE is an unspeakably beautiful movie, pardon the pun. Very Christian and very humanist at the same time.

    And it occurred to me that it could be read two ways: the right way and the fundamentalist way.

    The right way to read it is not only as a Roman à clef about 17th century Portuguese priests trying to spread Christianity to Buddhist Japan, but also as an allegory about persecution of all kinds, including the kinds we see…

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  • Collateral



    The plot here is pretty interesting: a hitman commandeers a cab driver's car, using the driver for (wait for it...) collateral. But it's the dynamic between hitman Vincent (Cruise) and cabbie Max (Foxx) that is quite fascinating.

    Though Cruise has control of the situation, and is cold-blooded, he finds a strange kinship, and even valor when it comes to his relationship with Max. He actually protects Max so far as it is not in opposition to his own goals. But…

  • Rushmore



    The word "quirky" was practically invented for "Rushmore," a stylish, slight, and somewhat gimmicky film that is more style than substance, but ends with a sweet -- dare I say moving? -- finish.

    On the surface, it's about a 15-year old eccentric, Max (Schwartzman), his millionaire friend (Murray), and the widowed teacher they both love. To be sure, it's an unconventional love triangle, but one that somehow work, since all three connect with one another despite their misgivings.

    Though they…