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  • Shazam!



    Horror directors doing superhero films that get to exhibit some of those horror elements in immensely effective ways? Could this be a pattern already after Aquaman and now Shazam!?

    Looking at Marvel's latest outing, this child in a grown-up hero's body is genuinely funny and, while comparisons to Deadpool are inevitable, it's a very different kind of funny and it really got me laughing throughout like Marvel hasn't in quite a while despite being the perceivedly more humorous franchise compared…

  • Mid90s



    "What are black people?"

    There's nothing like a child's gaze at the world to remind you of what really matters in life or what should matter if we weren't all falling back into grown-up mode all the time. It's fascinating in particular if it's a world you don't know shit about, which to me was the experience of skating as a method of escape in 1990s USA, and I feel like I've just had a profound experience thanks to Stevie's…

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  • Remember



    I hadn't anticipated the film to be this suitable a follow-up to Memento today and I'm still completely shaken, trying to make sense of the emotions I'm feeling right now while writing these words.

    Remember is another outstanding film from Atom Egoyan who shamefully flew under my radar for a while. This story is told insanely well, hooking you with an elderly revenge thriller while transforming into something emotionally complex and challenging as it progresses.

    This is a prime example…

  • Memento



    "There's nothing in the drawers. [...] Nothing except the Gideon Bible. Which I, of course, read — religiously. [chuckles] "

    I know this isn't technically Christopher Nolan's directorial debut but it'll be hard to argue against this being his distinct style debut.

    Thanks to Wally Pfister's amazing camera work, Memento keeps giving me something to discover and it continues to disprove the one-trick-pony perception some people might have of it.

    It's not hard to say that this story would be…

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  • Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

    Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts


    An Indonesian rape and revenge film that somehow feels less exploitative and more grounded than comparable genre-fare. Also, it's not as visually dark and depressing as one might expect from such material but rather glary.

    It's definitely a mood-piece because the film relies heavily on its images along Marlina's journey and is therein definitely akin to the western genre, which also applies to the plot, which is pretty straightforward and without too many twists or turns. Some might take away…

  • Drive



    Detached, deranged, determined, deep and disillusioned during the daily dabbling in doomed endeavors, Driver delicately divulges dreams and desires.

    The music, the vistas, the characters and the story told in glances rather than words all find only one world to equal the feeling of the film's experience: Iconic.

    Not sure if Refn knew what kind of a cult film he and Gosling were making but they definitely hit a nerve with many people including myself and, in a world filled…