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Gwyneth Paltrow has been really quiet about Jules’ diet

A nice little warm movie. Really appreciate the use of practical over CGI. Go see it and feel fuzzy for an evening.




A very harmless wholesome extraterrestrial movie. I had a very calming time with this film. 

It was funny, intriguing, cute, emotional. A balanced film with some flaws but overall such a nice movie.

The Lesson

The Lesson


dreamyyyyy; loved score and loved the home; some real CMBYN-but-spooky moments 



richard e grant, ya sneak

Look, I'm not spoiling anything, but there is ONE PARTICULAR MOMENT IN THE LAST ACT that made me wish I was seeing this with an audience... until I realized that I would absolutely be the only person seal-clapping with glee at how perfectly, knowingly over-the-top it was.

Watching Richard E. Grant unhinge his jaw and swallow this entire movie whole is what cinema was invented for.

In this, had to watch it.

I love a little thriller more than anything in the world 

everyone was serving as much as they possible could have and it was just so fun and sexy and thrilling

I loved that you never knew anyone intentions and then the plot twists can make you read this whole movie differently and it makes me excited to rewatch 

i’m gonna give it at 8/10 for now but I feel like as soon as I get a chance to see it again it’ll go up

best of the fest so far (again)