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  • Blow the Man Down

    Blow the Man Down


    Many directors grapple with the classic "filmmaker's trilemma," only able to choose 2 of the following:

    Make a Coen brothers movie
    Have all the characters sound like they're in Family Guy
    Cast esteemed character actress Margo Martindale

    With Blow The Man Down, Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy manage to pull off all 3. Mostly held back by its short runtime and somewhat underwhelming ending, the film manages to be entertaining and enjoyable, carried by the strong performances of its…

  • The Bad Batch

    The Bad Batch


    A whole cult of people worshiping Keanu Reeves? I guess the dream was all along

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  • Your Name.

    Your Name.


    Wait was this movie called again?

  • A Clockwork Orange

    A Clockwork Orange


    This movie is just the plot of "Stan" by Eminem but for Beethoven

    In order to get the full experience, I had one of my friends hold my eyes open while the other aggressively dropped visine into them.