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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Who Knew An Action Movie Could Make You Weep?

    This film was better than I anticipated. The car chases did not thrill me, but they did not bore me either. The dialogue is somewhat stilted but the story makes up for that. once you're in you have to stay until the end. You cannot just meet Baby and not know how his life will end up. Will he die? Will he get away and live as a fugitive? Will the…

  • Logan



    "Beware of the Light"
    The year is 2029 and Wolverine is his brooding self, now older and weaker. Jaded from all the tragedies he has survived in this awful world, while outliving every one else he has come to care for. Now he is tired of his life and wishes he could exit, but his duty lies in taking care of Professor Charles Xavier who is now elderly and unable to take care of himself, Logan now only lives for…

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  • Terminator Genisys

    Terminator Genisys


    Why is every one calling it confusing?
    I want to rate this movie 3.5 stars but when I do it seems like a low rating. When I rate it 4 it seems too high. I'll go with 3.5 because I was fooled into thinking this was a continuation of the other movies. I never saw trailers or read anything on this film before watching it, the story was a total surprise for me. The movie started and it was looking…

  • The Maze Runner

    The Maze Runner


    "She Is The Last One Ever"
    The story sounded interesting, a bunch of kids trapped inside four giant walls and their only escape is to figure out the maze.
    While you're watching the events unfold the whole story starts to fall apart right in front of your eyes and it just makes you lose your excitement for the movie. Hopefully this story is better told in the book, but in the film it has a lot of gaps and unbelievable…