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  • Hellboy



    This is a fun one. Del Toro's wonderful vision carries me through a lot of the bad conventions of the time. There's dodgy CGI, bad wisecracks and shots intended for 3D, but the story itself is solid enough to forgive these dated cliches. Despite it being unmistakably of its time, this Darkhorse comics-based film would fit in well in the Marvel canon. It's got Hellboy coming to terms with his manhood, a withholding father figure (withholding information about his health)…

  • Factotum



    as i remember it. it's weirdly the same movie as barfly

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  • Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno

    Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno


    Note: Seen at NYAFF and attended Q&A with the Pirates and the director.

    This should have been two movies. I very much enjoyed the first one, which was a documentary about the eponymous Korean grindcore band and their pawing at liberal politics. It was well made and a lot of fun, but the second half of the film, only tangentially involving the Pirates, concerning the trial of their producer made the film overlong, ruined much of the arc of the…

  • Band Aid

    Band Aid


    This film mostly holds itself together. Lister-Jones has an ear for naturalistic dialogue, and Fred Armisen is the gift that keeps on giving. Pally is also used well, a prototypical "dude" fits his drawlish accent. I think the third act struggles to bring home a lot of the themes the first two set up, but this film knows what it is through and through, and you will love it or hate it on that. And the music's not bad, so that's pretty neat.