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  • Angel



    The World’s Seediest After School Special ™.

    What sets this one above the average “hooker with a heart of gold fights to survive on the mean streets of Hollywood” tale is its cast of likable characters, an unlikely band of weirdos - Donna Wilkes as the titular Angel; Dick Shawn as the cross-dressing Mae; Rory Calhoun as a Hollywood Boulevard version of cowboy Kit Carson; and Susan Tyrell as the beatnik landlord who looks after Angel. It’s the most motley crew…

  • Special Effects

    Special Effects


    Feels particularly unpolished, even for guerrilla maestro Larry Cohen. Sloppy edits, cheesy synth score, and some especially bad dubbing during the opening act give it cheap Italo ‘70s thriller vibes. 

    Eric Bogosian is the stand-out, and Zoe Lund is tragically charming. It just didn’t grab me like Cohen’s other stuff. I feel like the Hitchcockian plot isn’t really suited for Cohen indie style.

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  • Judgment Night

    Judgment Night


    Deliverance on Skid Row.

    On paper, it ain’t much: “good guys run from bad guys; first they hide in an alley, then they hide in an apartment building, then they hide in a sewer, then they hide in a mall/market.” But goddamn if it doesn’t cook on screen.

    Wastes no time diving into the action and stays at an 11 for almost 2 hours. Denis Leary plays a surprisingly believable gang lord, and the rest of cast is perfectly placed as…

  • Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

    Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama


    The perfect movie to catch on cable as an 11-year-old budding trash cinephile (when your folks didn't know), but also the perfect movie to watch as a adult when you want to relive the tingle of what it felt like when you first discovered campy b- and z-movies (on cable, when your folks didn't know).

    Has all the hallmarks of the type of no-budget, direct-to-video horror/exploitation fare that was being churned out around this era: drunken, rowdy youths, gratuitous t&a,…