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  • Species


    In my life, whenever people have brought up Species (which has been, admittedly - and fortunately- not often) they tend to focus on Natasha Henstridge (i.e. her boobs [i.e. she has them]), but what they have consistently failed to mention is that Forest Whitaker’s character is introduced to us as professional “empath” - and not one goddamn character challenges him on it. The only time someone even brings it up is when he’s asked how he got that job and…

  • An American Werewolf in Paris

    An American Werewolf in Paris


    This has late-90's cinema-stink all over it (e.g. Smash Mouth is on the soundtrack) Do I really need to say any more?

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  • Clue



    Why can't Hollywood figure out how to make a decent movie based on a game when this perfect template exists?

  • Blacula



    Easy, baby - it turns out Blacula is far less campy that you might have been led to believe. Can you dig it? I know I can.

    (And the sound track? Outasight!)