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  • The Chamber

    The Chamber


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  • Killer's Kiss

    Killer's Kiss


    Tagline: Her Soft Mouth Was the Road to Sin-Smeared Violence!

    Killer's Kiss is an excellent noir with a tight plot and much larger scale than what actually happens. There's a boxer, a dancer, a gangster and his goons, and one big flashback.

    Stanley Kubrick did it all. Writing, Film Editing, Cinematography & Directing.

    Kubrick's own cinematography in particular blew me away. The use of depth, light and shadow and of his trademark moving camera show us more skill and thought than…

  • Hollow Triumph

    Hollow Triumph


    Irony Noir. What an ending. You can’t escape your fate. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Alternative title: "The Scar".

    Lighting was fantastic. "Hollow Triumph" is a very fine example of film noir. It is tough, gritty, full of duplicity, and identities that shift across screen time. But what really makes this film sing is the vivid low-key photography of John Alton. Dark sets lit with single light sources, bizarre angles and strong uses of deep focus compositions…