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  • The Adventures of Robin Hood

    The Adventures of Robin Hood


    Won 3 Oscars - Best Art Direction, Best Film Editing & Best Music, Original Score and nominated for Best Picture.

    Although my personal favorite among Errol Flynn's films is The Sea Hawk, most will argue that his career role was this one in The Adventures of Robin Hood. It certainly has a deserved enduring popularity that's lasted for generations.

    Were there ever a more attractive and idealistic a pair of young lovers on the screen than Errol Flynn and Olivia De…

  • Mile 22

    Mile 22

    If you like watching Mark Wahlberg yell really fast for 90 minutes then this is the movie for you!

    Seriously, he just yells. A lot. Really fast. And then you're just like "what?"

    Bonus items:
    Flagrant flagrancy
    Zero likable characters
    Massive extra gratuitous F-Bombs
    No redeeming values
    Another stupid action movie made for China

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  • Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel


    Otto Preminger rarely gets credit for being one of the founding fathers of film noir; in addition to this film, there's of course Laura, and Angel Face, Where the Sidewalk Ends, the Thirteenth Letter and other films with a heavy noir influence.

    Preminger's fluid camera work and long takes here reach perfection, pointing them toward his mature long takes and objectivity in 1950s with such dazzling masterworks as "Where the Sidewalk Ends", "Angel Face", "Anatomy of a Murder". Each scene…

  • Cry of the City

    Cry of the City


    The execution of a noir film required a tremendous artistry and expertise in all aspects of cinema. The classic noir films are truly works of art; cinema at its best, not relying on star power or big budgets, but rather a mastery of the very rudiments of making movies.

    What Ford was to the western, Hitchcock to suspense, Sirk to melodrama, so was Robert Siodmak to the noir. While "Cry of the City" is often left out of discussions of…