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  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    It felt good supporting Crazy Rich Asians tonight, but even more for my tastes, it helped me remember why the rom-com especially ones that make you feel smart and everybody doesn't annoy you are my brand. That scene near the end in the plane? That's some 90s throwback right there! This just made me feel really good.

    Awkwafina is one of my new favorite people of 2018. I think she's #1. Bless her.

  • Lola Montès

    Lola Montès


    "Great gowns. Beautiful gowns." - Aretha Franklin

    This is a lovely film in plot and design. Overall the character of Lola is a well written woman whose life has had its ups and downs, but she has stayed as strong headed as one can be.

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  • Life



    Life: Hey can I copy your answers I forgot to do the homework!

    Alien (1979): Sure man, just make sure it looks different!

    *smudges out Alien and writes Life*

  • Arrival



    I mean if you see like two things this November worth your money, this is one of them. This is not another alien arrival film it's so much more. It is one of the more life changing films I have ever seen which surprised me a lot. I don't care you all have to see this. I am blown away by where this went and it left me feeling a sense of hope for our way of life.