Bruce Holecheck

Bruce Holecheck Pro

Occasional commentator, infrequent documentarian, sometimes writer.

Favorite films

  • Burning Ambition
  • Nightbeast
  • Tokyo Fist
  • Violent Naples

Recent activity

  • Body Parts


  • Subspecies V: Blood Rise


  • The Rainbow Thief


  • Zapped Again!


Recent reviews

  • Fatal Love

    Fatal Love


    2017 Cult Movie Challenge
    Week #9: Hong Kong Category III

    FATAL LOVE (Lo Kin, 1993)
    Universe Laser & Video DVD (HK)

    Framed for theft and kicked out of the program, tough-but-sexy police cadet Debbie gets a second chance when she's offered the opportunity to go undercover. Following an elaborate training regimen that includes safe-cracking, boxing and excessive flirting, she's ready for some field work. Her assignment? Hong Kong billionaire Fuk Tin, an untouchable businessman suspected not only of international drug trafficking,…

  • Bastille Day

    Bastille Day


    THE TAKE (James Watkins, 2016)
    Universal Studios Blu-Ray

    Ace pickpocket Robb Stark snags the wrong pocketbook at a pre-Bastille Day celebration; thinking it's bereft of valuables, he tosses it away, only for the bag to detonate seconds later. Caught on security cam and labeled a terrorist, a citywide manhunt begins. Enter CIA operative Idris Elba, described by his superiors as, "reckless, insubordinate and irresponsible towards human assets." He's reluctantly tasked with locating the perp and turning him over to the…

Popular reviews

  • Trancers



    TRANCERS (Charles Band, 1985)
    Empire Pictures 16mm (Theatrical)

    "Security? We've got trouble at the North Pole!" In the year 2247, future cop Jack Deth is closing in on Public Enemy Numero Uno: Martin Whistler, a nefarious dude who can control lesser beings with his mind, turning them into violence-crazed zomboids known as "Trancers." However, before he can be captured, Whistler escapes to the past through his ancestral bloodline, inhabiting the body of a respected detective in 1985 Los Angeles. His…

  • Las Vegas Serial Killer

    Las Vegas Serial Killer


    2017 Cult Movie Challenge
    Week #8: Ray Dennis Steckler

    THE LAS VEGAS SERIAL KILLER (Ray Dennis Steckler, 1987)
    Guilty Pleasures / Media Blasters DVD

    After six years incarceration for his famous strangling spree, Johnathon Klick is paroled on the technicality that most of the bodies couldn't be found. Hearing the release announcement on the radio, two sunglassed sleazeballs make their way to Vegas, apparently to rate women's legs and steal purses. Johnathon immediately resumes his old ways, choking a girl…