Favorite films

  • The Shining
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin V: Clash at Loum
  • Millennium Actress
  • Alien

Recent activity

  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm


  • Sword Art Online: The Movie – Ordinal Scale


  • Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell


  • Macross Plus: The Movie


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  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm


    In honor of Kevin Conroy, I watched a masterpiece for the first time.

    Rest in peace, you deserve the best and happiest the world ever gave.

  • Sword Art Online: The Movie – Ordinal Scale

    Sword Art Online: The Movie – Ordinal Scale


    *vague and mild spoilers for Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale*

    Things aren't always as they seem.

    Back when Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale first made the rounds back in 2017, it was lauded as a massive improvement over the first two seasons. Sure, SAO II received some of said treatment for the first couple of weeks and Alicization would eventually be given this reception almost wholesale, but this film is the first time it stuck. Then again, there is a…

Popular reviews

  • Japan Sinks: 2020

    Japan Sinks: 2020

    "You're kidding!" -A main character mere seconds before succumbing to one of the stupidest anime deaths this year, Japan Sinks 2020

    Hope, while often necessary, can be a ruinous thing to have in the midst of a disaster. Despite the catastrophically negative reception among friends and the similarly dismal scores the show has, I still had hope that it could be at least entertaining in some regard. Even an Inuyashiki tier “so bad it’s good” title would’ve been enough to…

  • Joker



    mfw a movie about the classism and the importance of proper mental health care and looking out for people so society is less of a shithole translates to incel empowerment and supporting anarchy despite actively presenting the anarchy as a bad and disturbing thing, and having nothing really to do with anything directly incel related

    I can't tell if people are crazy or stupid sometimes