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  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    It would be incredibly lazy to just say that the release of Crazy Rich Asians marks the Asian markets retort to the success of Blank Panther. These two movies are so far apart from each other. Sure, you could argue that Black Panther was a movie made by black people for black people that had a mass appeal, and that Crazy Rich Asians is a movie made by Asian people for Asian people that has a mass appeal, but that…

  • Bend of the River

    Bend of the River


    Welcome back Anthony Mann and James Stewart! I’ve hit a rough patch in this marathon, and while I could chalk it up to genre fatigue, I always knew it was just a bad run of films that would break sooner or later. Well, here is the second film in a row which I have enjoyed (Viva Zapata!), which sets a trend and bodes well for the future. Of course, getting director/actor teams like Kazan/Brando and Mann/Stewart certainly has a lot…

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  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Everything we've seen to this point in either Batman or Superman movies is one simple fact: they're good superheroes. Anyone familiar with these characters knows their backstories, knows their accolades. With decades of content behind them, I think it is fair to say these are beloved good guys in print, television, and cinema. Each has had it's exemplary vehicle, though ask fans and I'm sure their favorites are not the same. For me, the Christopher Nolan Batman movies are my…

  • Eight Men Out

    Eight Men Out


    With the recent announcement of the new Baseball Hall of Fame class, which includes my all time favorite player Ken Griffey Jr. as well as Mike Piazza, and the offseason story of Pete Rose applying for reinstatement in the hopes of joining the ranks of the Hall of Fame, it seems only fitting that the next film in my Baseball marathon would be Eight Men Out, a film which chronicles how eight players became banned from the game, including the…