Who needs a social life when I got film?
I don't understand my scores either.
I like to talk about film and it's humanity.

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  • Nobody



    Christopher Lloyd with a shotgun...that is all.

  • Mississippi Damned

    Mississippi Damned


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Now I'm not gonna go out of my way and say, "You need to see this film right now." because I don't see it as a must-see. However, it's a film that I recommend when you need a good reminder. This film is simply misery incarnate as it captures the raw and real-life experience of what it's like growing up in poverty, in an abusive home, and in a home plagued by alcoholism. Now how is that a good reminder?…

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  • Loqueesha


    Even the edgy and offensive humor crowd is rolling their eyes at this film.

  • Cuties


    So time to be hated even more for this...
    Cuties has been grossly taken out of context. However, it's still far from being good. A lot of the big scenes that got people talking are there but not the way we assumed. Which led me to believe "This is far tamer than what I was lead to believe." Then you get to the dance scenes which are extremely uncomfortable and disturbing. So much so that it completely defeats the purpose…